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NC DLD Board of Directors

Co-President Amanda Bock, PhD
Co-President Jennifer Snyder, MAEd

Vice President Alice Mockovciak, PhD
Membership Chair Anna Smith
Treasurer Kristin Hoffman, PhD
Secretary Glennda Mckeithan, PhD 
Professional Development Vacant
Student Representative Vacant
Member at large Kristen Beach, PhD
Communications & Social Media Director Vacant
Regional Rep 1 Vacant
Regional Rep 2 Vacant
Regional Rep 3 Jessica Hunt, PhD
Regional Rep 4 Angela Caudle
Regional Rep 5 Ms. Xaviera Johnson, MSA
Regional Rep 6 Laura Hamby, MSA
Regional Rep 7 Rebecca K. Shankland, PhD
Regional Rep 8 Robyn Dieco, MSE


Interested in serving on the NC DLD board? Contact one of our presidents, Dr. Amanda Bock ( or Mrs. Jennifer Snyder (

Distinguished Service Awards

Last Updated:  4 February, 2022

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