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Dr. Alice Mockovciak * Special Education Scholarship Awards

The Dr. Alice Mockovciak Special Education Scholarship Awards recognize outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in special education or a related field who have shown consistent commitment to students with disabilities through strong and engaged leadership within CEC.

  • $250 undergraduate or graduate student award 

 2024-25 Application LINK

Applications due by 12/30/24

The commemoration of our Student Scholarships in the name of Dr. Alice Mockovciak is a tribute to her exceptional contributions to her services to NC CEC and to the field of special education, especially highlighted by her roles as the President of the NC Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities and Vice President of the NC Division for Learning Disabilities, and her role as a longstanding member of the NC CEC Board of Directors. These positions reflect her deep commitment and extensive expertise in addressing the complex educational needs of students with diverse disabilities. Dr. Mockovciak's unwavering dedication to ensuring that students with disabilities received a free and appropriate education was evident throughout her varied career as well as her research on Special Education Teacher Attrition. Her work as a special education teacher, district administrator, and in various educational settings in NC and NY, showcased her innovative and inclusive approach to education. Her educational background, including an EdD in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Special Education, a BA in Psychology, and an MS in Special Education, further underscores her depth of knowledge in the field. Her extensive experience in developing and delivering training and workshops for educators and parents highlights her commitment to improving special education practices. By commemorating our Student Scholarships with Dr. Mockovciak's name, we honor not only her professional achievements and leadership roles but also her passionate advocacy for students with autism, learning disabilities, and other developmental disabilities. This act of remembrance ensures that her legacy continues to inspire and positively impact the field of special education, embodying her dedication to enhancing educational opportunities for all students with special needs.

Last Updated:  8 February, 2022

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