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Individual Membership

Women with TEACH shirts

Where are you in your professional career?

Three woman posing in jackets outside

You’re a trusted educator and mentor with confidence in your teaching while always seeking to improve your knowledge and skills.

Three woman sit in chairs in a conference room

You’ve been in the field for fewer than three years and you know the ropes but occasionally need a little help or advice.

Need Assistance?

From becoming a member to assisting with your membership, groups, and event registrations, we’re here to help.

Customer Service Center


Group of female students at Convention wearing College/University shirts

You are returning for an advanced degree or additional credits after you have already held a professional position. 

Woman talking to two men

You’re getting an undergraduate, or graduate degree (including doctoral), but you haven’t started teaching yet. 

Two men having a discussion

You provide instructional or related support to students and their families under the direction and supervision of a certified special education teacher.

3 female educators standing and talking over a clipboard

You are a special education and/or education professionals who has retired and no longer holds a professional position – employee, consultant, or otherwise - in education or special education.

young female graduate in robes and gowns smiling and taking a selfie with parents

I am interested in special education but not employed (including as consultants) in any field of education and/or special education. 

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