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NC DEBH Facebook Page

NC DEBH Board of Directors

President Lynn Roche Zubov, PhD
Past President Ya-yu Lo, PhD, BCBA-D
Vice President Vacant 
Membership Chair Nataleigh Fabian
Lead Treasurer Kimberly Bunch-Crump, PhD, BCBA-D
Secretary Tosha Owens, PhD, BCBA-D
Professional Development VACANT
Student Representative Lauren Prinz
Communications Chair Glennda McKeithan, PhD, NBCT
Member at large Robert Pennington, PhD, BCBA-D
Social Media Director VACANT
Region Rep Chair VACANT
Regional Rep 1 VACANT
Regional Rep 2 VACANT
Regional Rep 3 VACANT
Regional Rep 4 Xaviera Johnson, MSA
Regional Rep 5 VACANT
Regional Rep 6 Meghan Lafevers, MSA
Regional Rep 7 VACANT
Regional Rep 8 VACANT

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